Road test

Road test

The road test can be difficult for most of the learners, what matters is that from which driving school you are learning.

The top priority of the DPS road test is to understand the rules of the road also can operate a vehicle safely.
Helping learners to drive safely and pass fast their tests is the Gold driving school’s specialty.

What are the needed skills for the road test?

In this part of the section, we observe the needed skills for road tests:

  •  Approach of Crossing (try to be in the proper lane and look in each direction)
  •  Obey Traffic Signals (pay attention to the traffic signals while driving)
  •  Backing (try to back slowly only for a distance of 50 feet)
  •  Observe Right-of-Way (you would better allow to pedestrian cross)
  •  Follow at a Safe Distance (try to be not very close to the other cars)
  •  Obey Stop Signs (do not forget to give the proper signal before turning and so on)
  •  Shift Gears (try to change gears correctly and smoothly)
  •  Passing (to pass safely, look behind and ahead)
  •  Straight-In Parking (properly park your car inside the parking space)
  •  Stop Quickly (when the examiner asks you to stop, try to make a quick and safe stop)
  •  Signal and Turn (you can use either mechanical or hand signals to turn)
  •  Turn About (what you need to do is turn the car around in a 30’ to 40’ space)
  •  Stay in the Proper Lane (try to drive in the proper lane)
  •  Use Proper Posture (do not rest your elbows in the window keep your hands on the steering wheel)

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