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6 Hours Behind The Wheel Training(Limited Time Holiday Special)

(6 customer reviews)


This is the most popular package. This package includes 3 sessions and each session takes 2 hours behind the wheel driving class. You will learn how to operate and drive a car. This price includes free pick up and drop off . Our instructors teach you the techniques you need to drive in streets with confidence and peace of mind!

Only 6 Hours Behind the Wheel Driving:

We’ve studied all the risks in driving, and we know how to train our students and keep them safe. Our instructors use proven teaching methods and tailor lessons to each individual student. Scheduling your classes and times are very simple, just give us a call, we’ll pick you up for your lesson.

In this article, we have answered the following questions with fully details.

We know that  might feel a bit stressed and nervous, this package with Gold driving School’s professional instructors give them the best platform on their journey to independent driving.

This intensive with over a 7- year experienced Gold driving school’s instructors helps students to learn all the tips of driving lessons and transforms beginner’s students into confident and skilled drivers.

We promise you this course is a great way which not only to develop your ability to drive safely on the road but also to get your driver’s license as soon as possible.

Preparing for the driving test:

In this section of the article, we introduce to you.

  • First of all, practice enough before your driving test
  • Accelerate and steer smoothly
  • Adjust correctly your car’s mirror (rear-view mirror and wing mirror)
  • Fasten your seat belt
  • Ensure your vehicle is in the correct
  • Try to stop the car gently
  • Understand the meaning of all the traffic signs
  • Before turning, signal for all lane
  • In the end, drive safely

When the test time arrives, you must know how to use and locate the controls for the vehicle’s headlights, windshield wipers, defroster, emergency flashers and other car’s instruments.


6 reviews for 6 Hours Behind The Wheel Training(Limited Time Holiday Special)

  1. Nurhannifah B.

    Amazing teachers! I had Shirin twice and her husband once and I just took my license test and passed the first try. No regrets with them they are calm and will teach you everything needed to pass!

  2. Coco C.

    They are killing it!!! Awesome instructors very friendly and professional I took my driving test the first time and passed!! This is the best driving school hands down without them I couldn’t have done it thank you so much !!

  3. Alex A.

    I had a great experience with gold driving school the instructor are super nice and patient. I had mansour For final session and driving test. Totally took the edge off the driving test. I passed 1st time. If ur looking for a friendly informative driving school u have found it . Thanks to gold driving school. Ali

  4. N S.

    I had a great experience with gold driving school ,I highly recommend this school. Awesome instructors very professional and friendly,they are calm and will teach you everything needed to pass.I passed my test at the first time.

  5. Jasmine R.

    I bought the 7 hour behind the wheel plus DMV Test. I was with Alex for each of my lessons and he was amazing. Very patient with me, especially since I was so nervous each time. He pointed out my mistakes calmly and pointed out critical errors that I should avoid when taking the actual test. I passed my exam on the first try! Gold’s Driving School probably has the best prices and the best service. I can’t thank them enough!

  6. Briauna

    Shirin was an absolute joy. Her calm nature was exactly what I needed to get much needed practice on the road. I would definitely recommend lessons from her.

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