driving instructor training

driving instructor training

Do you have any information about Gold driving instructor training? Are you wondering how to become a driving instructor? Do you want to know what qualifications a driving instructor needs?

If these are your questions too, all questions have been answered with details in this article.

As it can be clearly observed, training to become a driving instructor not only gives you a job but also offers you job satisfaction when you teach your students to use their skills to drive.

This job suits those who enjoy being independent as they make all decisions and manage their own work time.

Why Gold driving instructor training?

Gold driving school believes that you deserve the best training with the best trainers to become a driving instructor.

We offer you the best driving instructor courses in Los angles and California cities to become a professional driving instructor in the shortest time, thus to if you are looking for a private driving instructor near yourself, we ensure you that you have chosen the best one.

Reasons to be a driving instructor:

There are six reasons why some people choose to be a driving instructor:

  1. This job allows you to be your own boss (you can choose the days and times you work)
  2. By being a driving instructor, you can earn more money and potential.
  3. You meet all kinds of people (you understand people more)
  4. Choose your vehicle to drive
  5. You become a better driver by being in a vehicle for hours.
  6. You feel proud of your students when they pass their exams and get their driver’s licenses because of a good instructor like you. (Job satisfaction from teaching students a skill for life)

What is need for becoming a driving instructor trainer?

  • Degree required (high school diploma)
  • Other requirements (minimum age, clean driving record)
  • Key responsibilities (give lectures, prepare lesson plans, accompany students on their driving practice)
  • Certification required
  • Pass the DVSA test

All the written information in this article is necessary for becoming a professional driving instructor.

Three parts of the DVSA test:

If you want to be a qualified driver instructor, you ought to pass the DVSA test that contains three parts.

  1. Driving theory
  2. Driving ability
  3. Instructional ability

Driving theory:

While using online activates or other supporting materials you can do this part at home too. The first part of this test has 50 questions that you need to answer 43 questions out of it. The second part of this test has 75 questions, which you need to answer 44 out of 75 questions.

In this test, your instructional techniques and your driving knowledge will be asked.

Driving ability:

Driving ability is the second part of the DVSA test. What this part of the test covers is all the elements of the practical LGV test at an advanced level. Having a good instructor trainer and practical driving sessions can be useful for this test.

Instructional ability:

Instructional ability is the latest part of the DVSA test, in which the examiner observes a sixty-minute driving lesson with either a driver seeking development or a learner driver.

After passing all three parts of the DVSA test (driving theory, driving ability and instructional ability), you will be received a green badge. It means you are a qualified approved driving instructor.

DVSA (driver and vehicle standards agency) test is not difficult and most people have the needed skill to pass it.

We have provided all training materials to pass this test, just let us know whenever you are ready for it.

Through the process, do not think of anything we are here to help you.

About Gold driving school:

Gold driving school has many different types of driving instructors, which each of them is experienced and professional for adult driving courses also teens.

If you have the decision to get your driver’s license, we will be delighted to see you in our driving classes.

Our instructors are specialized in driving lessons for all adults and teenagers who interested in learning.

If you have any other questions such as drivers Ed for adults‘ courses or the DMV appointment, contact a member of our Gold driving school’s team or you can call us.

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