learner permit

learner permit

For everyone ages 16 years or older, getting a learner permit is the first step for getting a driver’s license.

The driver learner permit’s expiration depends on applying for a Learner’s Permit’s date and your date of birth.

With your learner permit except for motorways, you can drive on all public roads.

In this article, we explain how easily you can apply for your learner permit.

How to apply for the learner permit?

In this part of the section, we introduce to you the processes to apply for your learner driver permits.

  • First step is to be ready for the permit test.
  • Second step is gathering all you need for applying, such as identity, proof of age and residence
  • Third step is applying and taking your permit test.
  • Finally, after passing successfully the written steps you can take your driver’s license.

Both Instruction and Learner’s Permits are for driving but the only difference between them is that Instruction Permits is for individuals who are learning to drive.

Are learner driver insurances important for leaners?

While you are learning to drive before you get behind the wheel, you will need some sort of insurance.

By getting the learner driver insurance you can practice in your family or your friends’ cars as much as you want (from 2 hours to 180 days), with no impact on the owners’ no claims bonus.

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